Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...2-22-10

For The Week Of 2-22-10

5. Eating cheap (tasty) food -At the risk of stating the obvious, bbq ribs are damn tasty. And this place, smokin' okies, a mile or two from the apartment, has $1 a rib night on Monday nights. The jack in the box a few blocks away did a promotion where, with the purchase of a large soda, you could get a free sandwhich. And because of this, Mel and I enjoyed a tasty lunch. And the chicken bakes and pizza slices are cheap and good at costco. Good food, at the right prices.

4. Downloading some good songs - Found some hidden gems ( Stevie wonder and Stevie Ray Vaughn playing "Superstition" together) I didnt know about. Found some songs I've always liked ("I'd rather be with you" by Bootsie Collins and, the song that samples the same beat, "Gettin It" by Too $hort) but didnt own. As a music geek, I had a great night looking for new tunes.

3. Finally, after a long time thinking it was lost, finding my Nintendo DS- one of my favorite consoles has come back to me...and I celebrated this by out driving Mel in Mario Kart...

2. The acoustic version of "Like A Stone" by Chris Cornell- I liked this Audioslave song when it first came out and this stripped down version sounds even better.

1. "Shutter Island" - A great, tense movie. I thought I figured out how it would end from watching the trailer...but a twist at the end told me I hadn't figured everything out. I enjoyed this movie. 8/10.

So, that's it...

What's been cool about your week...?

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