Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...11-15-10

I've never missed a week of writing the Top 5, but this week, been so busy it came close:

For The Week Of 11-15-10

5. Having drinks with friends and fam @ Spoontonic on sat night to celebrate my birthday - Thank you to everyone who came out and had a drink with me...from what I remember (gets a little fuzzy towards the end of the night ) I had a great time.

One any other week, any of the next four WOULD be number one....

4. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - We have been waiting to see this movie for a long LONG time now...and the fact that it came out the day after my birthday made it even cooler and added to the awesome birthday weekend. The movie was great and made me wish I could fast forward time and see part 2. I give it a 9/10.

3. House Of Prime Rib - On the night of my 30th birthday My love Melanie took me to eat at the House Of Prime Rib in the city. We had seen the place on tv when Anthony Bourdain ate there in one episode. Since the place was called the House Of Prime Rib,I'll give you one guess as to what I ate. The Food, excellent. The Price, expensive. The Memories, um, memorable. And, best of all, the person I was with to share it all made this a birthday dinner I will never forget.

2. Iphone ( or how, after months of making fun of Iphone people, I joined the darkside) - My phone was breaking. It had been for months. And with a birthday this week, along with the fact my cell phone contract was up, Melanie and My Mom teamed up and got me an Iphone. I was nervous about getting it because I am really rough on my phones ( The one previous to this,I dropped on Mission st. after owning it for only 3 days and scratched it). Still, it's an awesome gift/phone and I'm enjoying it.

1. Tommy's 30 - It's kinda weird to think/write/say I'm thirty years old now. Where did the time go ? On the day of my birthday I had the day off and did what most responsible mature 30 year old do...slept in then went to Denny's and got a free Grand Slam breakfast then...spent hours digging through the $1 bin of a comic book store !! It was fun. Later that afternoon, I spent some time with My Uncle Bobby ( who was celebrating his birthday as well...same day as mine). I received over 50 "Happy Birthday"s from people during the course of the day,which was really nice. And in the evening, my favor tie person in the world took me to the House Of Prime Rib !! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.

So...that's it.
What's been awesome about your week ?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...11-8-10

For The Week Of 11-8-10

5. Briskit Nachos from Smokin' Oakies - A delicious treat that Melanie discovered. The combo of bbq and nachos is always a winner in my book.

4. "Clash Of The Titans" - I remember watching the orginial once, as a kid (but dont remember much about it)...and, this week, decided to check the new one. A decent action movie that had many similarities to Percy Jackson (which I liked a whole lot more ).

3.  After spending a few days in LA...enjoying the simple pleasure of sleeping in my own bed

2. Rocco's Pizza - The other day Mel and I set out to have dinner at Applebee's...and it was wicked crowded (damn you Vets day).  A so, instead, we ate at Rocco's pizza, a place we've never been to. And the pizza was awesome !! Though nothing as ever, or will ever, compare to Bravo's pizza. This was a good Walnut Creek Alternative.

1. After a fun, crazy time in LA the previous weekend in LA, spending a quiet weekend with My Melly at home.

So...that's it.

What's been awesome about your week ?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...11-1-10

For the week of 11-1-10

This weeks Top 5, in all honesty, focuses on mostly two things...but, man, are they awesome !!

5. Disney's California Adventure- This week, after months of planning and more than a year or so of saving Melanie, Lori, Ashley and I went to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate the birthdays of Mel and I (though hers already happend and mine had yet to ). California Adventure is going under major changes...things are closed for remodel, new lands are being built. And in a few years it should look really different. Still, we managed to see all of our favorite things in that park. Alaadin stage show, tower of terror, Soarin over california...and a few new things. The World Of Color is the new nighttime show and, while not as awesome as Fantasmic, it was still cool to see. elecTRONica was a club (or a disney version of a futuristic club) with bright lights and music...based on the world of was cool and made me want to see the original (to see what they hype is about) before the new one comes out...which I guess was the point of the club thing.

4. The Road Trip to La - All the road trip essentials were there : Snacks, good music, a few laughs and most of all...great people !!

3. Disney Christmas Day Parade - On our last day in the parks they were filming the Disney Christmas Day Parade...HOW AWESOME IS THAT !! We stood in line to see (Disney used the term "major celebs", I however will not go that far) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Nick Cannon and Selena Gomez. By the time Selena Gomez came out we were in the front of the, I might be on camera cheering for her (god, hope that doesnt ruin what little "street cred" i might have. haha). It was a long wait but, to me, a once in a lifetime say we where there for the Disney Christmas parade...which I've been watching since I was a kid...was a cool treat.

2. Disneyland - For as long as I can remember, I've loved almost all things Disney. And Disneyland has to be one of my favorite places on earth. I was there with some great people and, best of all, the lines were not long (maybe 40 minutes was the most we waited...but walked right in to some major rides). We went on pretty much everything (literally) and got to ride all the things we were really hoping to ride...with one exception. Since I was 7 or 8 and rode it for the first time, Star Tours has been my favorite ride and a few months ago it closed (Star Tours II, coming 2011) and I was sad to see it go...LIGHTSPEED TO ENDOR !!..a great place, great people and (despite the high prices for everything) a really fun trip.

On any other week, in any other year, THIS would be number one....however, this week, history was made....

1. THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS WIN THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD SERIES !!!!!!!!- I hoped, but worried I would never get to write this sentence. Without question, the greatest sports related moment in my lifetime.For as long as I can remember, I've rooted for the Giants. I can remember watching games (when I was about 7 or so) on tv with My Uncle Bobby and Papo (who told me about the game, who played runs were scored...why the dodgers are bums...etc). When I was 9 my cousin Michael took me to my first game (Giants lost to Padres in that one...and had I known then it would be my only chance, thus far, to sit in a skybox...I wouldve opted to stay there instead of the nosebleeds where we sat. Haha). I remember my Dad watching the '89 world series (and the earthquake that came along with that game) and how he was rooting for both teams. My whole family has rooted for the Giants. And when that last strike was called and the Giants won the world series I thought of all the people who had passed away and never got to see this moment. But for a second, it felt like they were watching with me, cheering beside me. I know it might sound weird to put such a heavy spin on a game, but its what I was thinking as the world series came to a close. And actually watching the game with me were my two most favorite people in the world. My Mom and My Melly. And we cheered like crazy. I recieved over 100 text messages and more than a few calls from fellow friends and family (and friends who are family) sharing the excitement from the bars or parties or other places they were at...but sitting there, on my Mom's sofa (where I had watched so many games before), i had the perfect place to watch a moment I had waited my whole life to see...there was no better place to be, and nobody better to be was a great moment and one I will never forget.

Now...lets win another next season....!!

So...that's it.

What's been awesome about your week?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...

For The Week Of 10-25-10

5. Finishing, hella early I know, my Chirstmas shopping - I've slowly, when I have a few extra dollers, been getting christmas gifts. Money is tight, with usual expenses and an upcoming BD Disneyland trip (more on this next week, no doubt) but I managed to finish waaay early. And almost all the gifts are wrapped too !!

4. While at one of Melanie's birthday dinners, hearing Lori's funny "Robot" comment - It still makes me laugh just thinking about it !!

3. Eating hella tasty BBQ with My Mom and Mel on the day before Mel's birthday.

2. Taking My love to eat a great dinner to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

1. Melly comes home - On Friday, Mel went to Las Vegas as part of a work function. She came home Sunday, And while 3 days might not seem like alot, this was, in our almost 3 years together, the longest we have ever been apart. Aside from the fact that my back has been hurting, missing her only added to a not great weekend for me. But when she got out of that car, gave me a big hug...all was right with the world. I was glad to have her home. (As you can prob. tell by reading this weeks Top 5). And while my back is still, as I type this, hurting me alot, having her home makes it feel just a bit better.

So...that's it.

What's been awesome about your week ?