Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...5-17-10

Late writing this week...but, many people are reading.

For The Week Of 5-17-10

5. treating myself to a fresh stack of magazines and comic books.

4. The Black Keys get famous - The Black Keys are a band I've recommended to dozens of people. They are a great blues/rock band whom I've been listening to since 2003. And with the release of there new album "Brothers" (haven't heard it yet) they have gotten more exposure than any album previous. An article in Rolling Stone and the cd available in Target.

3. Hanging out at home, watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone, with Mel.

2. 5 hours of new "Lost" this week, including the much-discussed-in-our-house series finale.

1. Y, The Last Man : This week I finished the 10th and final graphic novel of this series. I checked out each one from the library. And it was a great series. Not perfect, there were some boring storylines, but altogether great. The story, about the last man on earth after a plague wipes out 99.9% of the males on earth, was one I looked forward to reading each time the library had a new volume ready for me to check out.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...5-10-10

For The Week Of 5-10-10

5. The awesome dinner Mel and I made together ( Pork chops, spinach and rice ) and watching funny episodes of "Community" and "30 Rock".

4. "Iron Man 2"- A bootleggin' trip brought me this movie. I'd been looking forward to seeing it for some time...and a kick ass trailer only made me more excited. I enjoyed the first one more than I thought I would so, anticipation was high. And then I watched it. And it was just okay. The battles, though few and far between, were fun but I thought there was a bit too much talking...not enough shit blowing up. 7.5/10. Bootleg was a decent quality though...

3. "Date Night" - another decent looking bootleg. I thought this movie looked funny, but wasnt dying to see it. It was a pleasant surprise though, a fun funny movie that I (we) enjoyed more than I initally thought. 8/10.

2. Los Lobos goes Disney - Up until this week, I did not know of this cds existence. The music is exactly what the title implies...Disney cover songs done by Los Lobos. And there spin on a few classic songs was great. Many thanks to The Melanie for getting me this little gem.

1. Tom + Mel = 2 years - There is nobody who puts up with me better....makes me more more beautiful....gets me and my weirdness....and my nerdiness...or I would rather come home to than her. She is my definition of happy. And I love her.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...5-3-10

For The Week Of 5-3-10

5. The delicious fried rice that Melly has been making recently

4. Having a great mother's day with My Mom.

3. "Inkspell" - The sequel to "Inkheart". A good story that took awhile to get really good. Although it took me a long time to finish it, I really enjoyed the last half of this book. Currently, I'm reading the last part of the Inkworld trilogy. And I'm enjoying it...

2. The last 20 minutes of Lost - in which 4 major characters met a watery end. Although I've heard some complain it was a bit to Titanic of an ending I found myself glued to the tv watching. I don't know how this season is going to end but the end of this weeks episode was, arguably, the best of the season.

1. Thursday night- In which Mel and I made a great dinner ( Fried Chicken, broccoli and rice) and watched some funny shows ( Community, 30 Rock and The Marriage Ref ). It was, after a long day at work, a great night of relaxing at home with my favorite person.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...4-26-10

Last year I hurt my hand at work, it became infected and had to be sliced and diced in the er. And this week, for some reason, it got infected again. It just started hurting for some reason and before I knew it, was swollen and nasty looking. I was off work for most of this week in pain.

Still, looking back on this week, it wasnt hard to find a Top 5...

For The Week Of 4-26-10

5. Having the always awesome Bravo's pizza with My Mom, Ashley and Mel - It was Ashley's first time having Bravos ( I hope she liked it).

4. Watching old episodes of "The Twilight Zone" with Mel - For some reason, I felt like watching something in black and white. And because oft his I rented this dvd, featuring 6 episodes from the old series (one episode had a young William Shatner) for free from the library. Mel and I liked it way more than I thought either of us would. A fun afternoon.

3. "Howl's Moving Castle" - Another free rental from the library (call me nerdy,but I love going there !! ). Mel and, later, Zac have been telling me about this movie for some time now...and I was skeptical on watching it as I'm not an "anime" fan. If I had known what I was missing out on...I would've watched this sooner. A great story and visuals. I enjoyed this movie WAAAY more than I thought. 8/10.

2. Free Comic Book Day - In which Mel, Ashley and I went and got, combined, 18 free comics (we went to two places). Also,on this day I picked up the newest issue of X-men in which a major character (and one of my personal favs ) dies. A great way to end a long day ( it was my first day back to work after being out all week with a bum thumb).

1. Going to the Giants game with The Ganda Girls - even though the wrong team won, it was a great day out at the ballpark...even if we all got sun burned.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?