Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A reading from the book of Swanson

" I've never had a hangover. If I feel I've had too much whisky , I cook myself a large steak with salted butter, put on some wet socks. And I go to bed." - Ron Swanson

Monday, April 22, 2013

Goodbye to The Dome in Pleasant Hill

When I first moved to walnut creek I went to see movies in The Dome by myself alot.

I watched "Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull" . I watched "Wanted" and a bunch of other movies. "Garden State" i think. " Blood Diamond" . "Cloverfield " might've been in there somewhere.

Sometimes, i brought my own food. sometimes i brought my own drinks ( mixed or otherwise). i got candy from dollar tree next door. Being new to the town i didn't know anyone to go to movies with. Or anyone who might like the same movies I did.

Later on, when she and me became we , I'd found someone to go see independent films with. And someone to drag to Comic book movies. We watched "Like Crazy" which was good. And "Year One" which wasn't. "(500 days of) Summer". Perhaps a "Fast & Furious"

There are lots I'm forgetting.

It was at The Dome that Mel & I went to see the greatest superhero movie I've ever seen. " The Dark Knight".

It's weird to write a "eulogy" of sorts about a movie theatre. It was weird to hear it was closing.

My final memory of The Dome is not of the movies I watched but rather of the building itself. That big domed theatre was FRIGGIN COLD , even for someone, like myself, who seldom IS cold, I always remembered to bring a jacket.

I'll miss The Dome in Pleasant Hill. I don't think I'm the only one a bit sad to see it take its final curtain call.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mike Tyson, member of The Grateful Dead

Heard some music at work that reminded me of Mike Tyson's "Punch Out !!" , the montage were little Mac is training with his plus sized trainer ( Doc I think his name was) . It's a typical 80s beat.
Anywho, a song similar sounding came on at work today. It was the song " Touch Of Grey" by The Greatful Dead. It is, in all honesty, the only Dead song I've ever heard.
I'm saying though.. did The Greatful Dead secretly write the score for Mike Tyson's "Punch Out"?!??"
Was Tyson secretly in the band ?
And WHY did I always have trouble beating Great Tiger ?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Harrison Ford HAS a sense of humor ?!?

I thought it was funny


Shrinky dinks

I Specifically remember my mom getting me transformers ones at the Woolworth's ( kids be like, what's that ?!?) in the excelsior district.
Thinking about it now, a toy you color , then BAKE IN THE F'N OVEN till its plastic you play with seems crazy dangerous & had to give off some kind poison fumes or whatever...
That said I might've gotten some he-man ones too but I remember TF specifically

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Award winning shoutout ...

Class started like this tonight:

"Before we get started today I just wanted to make mention , that last week one of your classmates, Tom Valdespino , won an award here at DVC for a graphic novel he's writing.. I wanted to go to the ceremony but couldn't but some of the other teachers in the department were talking about it.. Tom, stand up.
( People gave a polite golf clap)
Here is the website and you can check out his comic... I'll put it up on the screen. It's a great and emotional story. Are you still working on it?"
( I nod yes.)
" great. It was just fantastic. Okay, let's get started..."


Hella cool moment.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


"Later on that day my homie Dre came through with a gang of Tanqueray..."

Lord Voldemort... Defense against the dark arts teacher ?

Was watching "Harry Potter and the sorcerers Stone" recently and... it occurs to me...so, Voldemort possessed Prof. quarrel sometime in the summer, right? So knowing the professor had to return to Hogwarts in the fall , does that mean that, he spent at least PART of the summer, after taking over Quarrell, making lesson plans for the year ... than later, grading papers at Hogwarts ? I mean, in between drinking unicorn blood or whatever they at least HAD TO TRY to keep up appearances that he (Quarrell) was a real teacher ( so nobody got suspicious). Now I know you might say they shared the same body and he didnt take over total possession but you think the prof could've said , at one point, "Hey, My Lord, do ya think this paper deserves a B and A- ? " in a way was He Who Must Not Be Named living out some weird dream of his to teach at his beloved school? Did he ever think to himself, "Voldie, you taught a great lesson today, you deserve this huge cup of unicorns blood."
And I wonder if the dark Lord graded fairly ?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fila Grant Hills

I remember the summer almost all of my cousins got this shoe.

Mine was the white on white.

Might have to get a pair if it comes out.