Saturday, January 2, 2016

This is for Aalderaan, BITCH !!!!

Hashtag Star Wars

Okay , this has been bothering me all day... 

Nerd rant in ...3...2...1 :

If Leia was a better shot than Luke or Han (she was shooting fucking stormtroopers in the throat for gosh sakes) then WHY wasn't she in the X-wing making the Death Star run?!? 
I mean your going to trust the ONE shot you have at this thing, this ultimate weapon, on some farm boy who CLAIMS he can pick off womp rats (rebels didn't even make him prove it. They all, "yeah, he seems legit"). 

Was she too important as a princess for Aalderaan and its peopl....ahhh too soon? 
They friggin destroyed everyone she knows and instead of jumping in a X wing and getting some sweet payback they keep her in the control room and are like, " get them medals ready... Oh, we don't have one for chewie? Ahhh nobody'll care"

Okay, rant over.