Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...9-20-10

For The Week Of 9-20-10

5. "The Umbrella Academy" - back when I worked at Borders, I saw this comic in the racks. And passed it up. I admit, I thought, How good could a comic written by a emo artist possibly be ? But, over the years, I kept hearing about how good this series was. This week I saw the first issue was reprinted and selling for only one dollar. I decided to give it a try. Written by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, "The Umbrella Academy" is the story (as far as I can tell) of 7 heroes, born under mysterious circumstances, who save the world. The story in the first issue jumped around a little too much, but it did peak my interest in reading more.

4. Reading old school Transformers comics- Not too long ago, Mel and I went to Half Price Books where I bought a few old TF comics for .25 cents each. I read my fair share of the them when I was a kid and thought it would be a nice trip down memory lane. This week, while cleaning, I found a few more issues that I had. It was fun to read and I had a great time reading before bed.

3. Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - I liked the movie so much, I read the book. And it was fun, funny and had a ton of action. Waaay different from the movie, it was a blast to read. I'm looking forward to reading more.

2. Spending a quiet night at home watching the giants game and reading comics with my Melly.

1. Having a great Sunday morning sleeping in and going to breakfast (IHOP) with Melanie before I started a long work day - It was great to spend the morning with my favorite person in the world !! I wish all mornings could be as great as this one.

So...that's it.
What's been awesome about your week ?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...9-13-10

Really late writing the Top 5 this week, but better late than never.

Also : This blog just passed 100 hits...not alot compared to some but for a blog with only a few known followers, it's pretty damn cool. Thank you for reading, whomever you are.

For the week of 9-13-10

5. Spiderman : Shattered Dimensions - I've been hearing about this game for awhile now and decided to rent it from Blockbuster. I played for about an hour and found it to be a fun game. It kinda reminded me of the Wolverine game that came out last year, except without the blood and guts (which was an awesome part of THAT game). Still. it was fun to play...and hear. Spiderman was voiced by neil patrick harris (NPH !!) and the trademark spiderman sarcasm was there, and funny !

4. Eating at country waffle with Ashley.

3. Watching the Giants BEAT LA (2-1) with Chris King- And having a ton of beers before the game was fun too !!

2. Eating at the always great Mandalay and then watching The Tallest Man On Earth play at the Filmore - This was, in all honesty, the first show The Melanie and I have been to together. The Tallest Man On Earth was first played for me by Mel and I liked it (though to be honest, she knows his music better). When we heard he was coming to town, Mel jumped on the tickets. Great music and a great time.

1. Watching the Giants beat the Brewers (9-2) with Melanie - I first went to a baseball game when I was 9 years old. My cousin Micheal took me to, sadly, see the Giants lose to the Padres. In the 20 years (WOW ! ) since that first game I've been to plenty more games...I've seen tons of cool stuff at the ballpark....but I've NEVER seen a grand slam. Until this week !! The giants hit a grand slam to jump out to an early lead. And best of all, I saw it with my favorite person in the world (and fellow Giants fan !! ). A day at the ballpark with my Melly is always a great day.

So...that's it.
What's been awesome about your week ?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...9-6-10

For The Week Of 9-6-10

5. The Endless pasta/soup/salad and bread sticks combo at the olive garden - a tasty lunch with Melanie and my Mom.

4. Dinner at Mel's Mom's House - Carne Asada !! I had a fun time hanging out at Mel's mom's place. The dinner and the company was, as always, great.

3. "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid " - Mel and I didnt expect much from this movie, we thought it would be a fun kids movie. Twenty minutes into the movie, we were cracking up laughing . A really funny, though predictable, movie that we enjoyed the hell out of ! 7.5/10.

2. Hanging out all weekend with Ashley and Melanie.

1. Having a day off with Mel - with our work schedules it seems that Melanie and I hardly ever have the same day off. But, thanks to Memorial Day, this week, we did !! We went to a cool comic book shop where Melly got me some cool stuff. We later went to lunch with my Mom and had a nice dinner at home, just she and I...then we watched Diary Of A Wimpy was a great day with my most favorite person in the world !

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...8-30-10

For The Week Of 8-30-10

5. Enjoying a tasty Costco chicken bake for lunch after a short (felt long) shift at work.

4. Enjoying the last day of the libraries free book giveaway - in which I found some more books for Mel to enjoy.

3. Coming home with a pizza and getting a nice surprise from my Melly- "Here, I saw these and thought of you,"said my lady love. And chilling (literally) in the fridge was some ice cold beers. I love this woman !!

2. Talking, saving, planning and getting excited about our Disneyland trip !!

1. (all things add up to awesomeness on my Sunday)

Tamales for breakfast
San Jose Flea Market
Good (not to hot) weather
Not bad traffic
Chinese food for dinner
+ Iron Chef on tv when we got home
Fantastic day off !!