Monday, January 25, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...1-18-10

For The Week Of 1-18-10

5. New Tires - A week or so ago, I went to get an oil change. And, as they would tell me, the tires needed to be replaced. All of them !! This was an expensive job and I felt Honda was going to overcharge me. Costco, where I eventually took the car, had a much better deal. And with a coupon (thanks Celine and Mel's Dad) and My Mom helping me out, I'm now driving on four good tires !!

4. When The Rain Comes Down...- On Monday, with the clouds gathering overhead, Mel and I went to safeway and got all we'd need to feed ourselves for what looked like a rain soaked week. And we were right. The rain poured and poured. Lightning flashed as if someone where taking a picture of us (a tree, while we were watching, was hit by a lightning bolt. We watched as it smoked up, only to be put out by the downpour). But, having that first rain filled day off, it was great to hang out, watch movies, read and be with my Melly, all while the rain outside acted as our backround music.

3. The downloadable content on SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 for the xbox 360 - It seems every game, be it months or years after hitting stores, offers some downloadable content. Sometimes its a new level or chracter and its almost always at a price. However, thus far, the dlc for this game has been free. And you have a ton of stuff to choose from. My favorite is the ability to download, FOR FREE I TELL YOU, a created chracter someone else has uploaded to the database. And seemingly anyone you want is there. From almost any it old wrestler (ricky the dragon steamboat)...comic book chracter (cyclops, cable, spiderman) can even get Harry Potter in the ring for a cage match...I've been enjoying the hell out of this game (maybe a little too much, have yet to play nba 2k10) and this has just added to the overall fun for me.

2. Hanging out, riding bart and going to the swap meet with The Ashley - We picked up a few (I hope) good bootlegs. But, more than that' I had alot of fun.

1. A Legen...wait for it...dary 4 seasons-in-4-days "How I Met Your Mother" marathon with The Melanie - I like this show and, taking advantage of the sweet combination of a gift card and a sale at target, I picked up the last two seasons of this show...I'd already owned the first two. And I started watching. Once Mel woke up, she started watching with me. Before we knew it, hours went by. And we were cracking up. It was  a great time...enjoying a great show (you, whomever is reading, should check it out) , with my favorite person.

So...thats it.

What's been cool about your week?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week....1-11-10

For The Week Of 1-11-10

5. Music...on TV !! -Although I do not watch every week, I happend to catch the new episode of "Specticle..with Elvis Costello", a show I've enjoyed from time to time. This week had John Prine, Lyle Lovett and the always awesome Ray Lamontagne. The interviews were so so but it was the preformances that caught my fancy. In one "jam" session it was E.C. on guitar,John Prine on drums and Ray on vocals singing a Towns Van Zant song...I forget which one. It sounded great. Also, this week...history was made. I've been watching "Austin City Limits" for some time now and enjoy the preformances. For the first time in its 35 year history,a hip/hop artist was the preforming act. And Mos Def didnt let me down. Midway through he show he did a decent cover of "Billie Jean" and an above average moonwalk as well...

4. Spending the day with My Mom,having lunch and watching a movie - I didn't expect greatness going in to watch "Sherlock Holmes", I didn't get greatness. What I did get was an enjoyable movie from start to finish with action and humor. This would have been great as a summer movie, though with the crowded summer (crappy) movie schedule, I could see why it came out so late. Jude Law and Robert Downey jr. made for a fun duo,playing off of eachother well. Ienjoyed this movie, 7/10.

3. Having a great dinner (great kahn's is tasty !!) and, later, eating candy apples with Melanie - A fun night out with my love.

2. Painting, watching Harry Potter and hanging out with Mel,her sisters and her mom- I'm no painter,I'm not a great draw-er, I'm not a surperb speller (which had nothing to do with the other two, or this post, but I felt I needed a third thing) but, at Mel's Mom's crafts place ( THE CRAFTERS RETREAT...LOOK IT UP, GO THERE !!) I ended up painting a little and I think it came out okay. I had fun the whole time though...

1. Doing,for the first time ever, stand up comedy @ a open mike night - From the encouragement of Mel and our friend Zac (who has been bugging me to do this for a year + now), I did a few minutes of stand up this week. Zac went and did his act as well, he did good. And Because I was so nervous, I only told a few people there. Having Rick and Mel there was great, I needed the family support. I went on second to last and got a few laughs. I got heckled as well ( Mel told her to shut the F up !! with a few more letters after the letter "F"!! ). I may do it again...and when I do, I will let whomever wants to go, know.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...1-4-10

(For The Week Of 1-04-10)

5. Eating some tasty Fish & Chips with my Melly

4. The season finale of "Californication" - I've been watching this show, about a hard boozin' writer, since it started 3 seasons ago. And I've enjoyed most, if not all, of the episodes. This finale was no letdown and kept me excited for next season. There IS going to be a next season...right?

3. The Beatles and The Potter...- Gamefly brought me "Rockband: The Beatles" and I got play it with Ashley, Frannie and Mel. It was fun but, weird as this might sound (given how excited I was about it coming out), I think I enjoyed good ol' "Rockband 2" a little more. After a few hours of acting like the Fab 4, we decided to play the Harry Potter Board game Fran got Mel and I for christmas. The rules were complicated as hell but, once we got the hang of it, it was a fun game. Melanie won.

2. "Hitman" by Bret 'Hitman' Hart - When I was little (though I still sometimes watch now) I loved wrestling. Watching it. Talking about it with my friends (okay, we still sometimes do this). And Bret Hart was one of my favorites. When I was working at Borders, I saw his autobiography and wanted to read it. But it was too expensive. Thankfully, for my birthday, my Mom got it for me. On paperback (Tom fact: Paperback is, almost always, better than hardback...a hardback looks weird when tucked into your back pocket). This book was fantastic. Full of funny, interesting and, at times, sad stories about his career. If you know who this wrestler is, read this book.

1. Getting a few drinks with Zac and Melanie at Spoontonic on a wed. night- Always fun hanging with the Z-man and, course, The Melanie. As I drove them home, I put on my holiday mix and it was funny to hear them sing along, loudly, to the theme to the "Golden Girls"...also, making fun of me for admitting (shut up) that I've seen "Coyote Ugly" more than once....and by making fun of me, I mean, chanting "TOMMY LOVES COYOTE UGLY !!" over and over for a few blocks. Haha.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...12-28-09

From here on out...the Top 5 is exclusive to THIS long Myspace.....

( For The Week Of 12-28-09)

5. Knowing ahead of time/getting excited about the next few books I'm going to read - I read, a few weeks back, a fun book called "Inkheart". And thanks to the awesome combination of Christmas and The Ashley, I have the next two books (the whole trilogy) to look forward to reading.

4. Enjoying the hell out of the book I'm reading now.

3. New years eve - We decided to stay in this new years eve. And I enjoyed a night of comic book reading, movie watching and ringing in the new year with two of my favorite people. Also, BONUS, I avoided my new years eve "tradition" of being black out drunk on new years eve and, even better, NOT having a new years day hangover !!

2. Stuffing my face with shrimp.

1. Having a new years day Star Wars marathon (original trilogy only...but also watching Back To The Future and Carpool before diving into a galaxy far far away...) with The Melanie and The Ashley!

So, that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?