Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Johnny Lawrence , the real Karate Kid

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING RANT CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM A MOVIE FROM 1984... (which you shouldve seen at least once by now):

I mean, homie comes to your school, plays a prank on you on halloween, F'n up your skeleton costume... gets THE SUPERINTENDENT FROM HIS  BUILDING ( who just happens to know a few moves) to kick your ass.... THEN, he tries (and eventually does) steal your chick. ... And after all that he trains for like A WEEK and beats you in ( the one thing your good at, the one thing you have left) a karate tournament ... The more I watch the original Karate Kid the more I dislike Daniel-San ... At the end, taking the high road, our REAL protagonist JOHNNY LAWRENCE  has tears in his eyes as he hands Daniel the trophy...Which Daniel grabs and celebrates with ( also leaves with Johnny's girl) and I ask you, my peeps, WHO was the bully here? In that situation , wouldn't you have swept the leg too...?