Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome things this week... 3-21-11

Top 5:

For the week of 3-21-11:

Hm- having the entire weekend off !!

Hm- having a rainy day off where we did nothing.

5.  netflix on my phone - I've had this app for awhile but recently watched a decent special about the history of wrestlemania that I enjoyed . 

4. Dinner at red robins with Melly- had a nice dinner with my favorite person and, after, we went to walmart.

3. Diary of a wimpy kid 2: Rodrick Rules - Mel and I loved the first wimpy kid movie that we went to check out the sequel with my mom this weekend. And while not as great as the first one it was still really funny. 7.5/10.

2. Having  a nice sushi dinner then drinks at home while we watched an odd trio of movies ( back to the future, breakfast at tiffanys, jailhouse rock) on Friday night.

1. Getting our Giants season ticket draft- Melly & I picked our tickets in the season ticket pool we are in. And we got some great games. A gun time with great food !! I can't friggin wait for the season to start !!!!

So, that's it. 
What's been awesome about your week?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week ...3-14-11

Top 5

For the week of 3-14-11

-5. the teasers abc family has been showing for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt. II

4. Actually taking time to read THE potter !!

3. Having a great Sunday with my Melly - in which we hung out with Ashley , went to walmart and watched a not so great movie.

2.  St.. Patricks day 2011- in which we stayed home, had a few drinks and watched The Departed. A fun semi-sober night with my Melly .

1. The Prestige- what a movie !! after it was done I wondered why I hadn't seen this movie earlier . I decided to check it out after Mel saying how much she liked it . A great movie that held my intrest from start to finish . 8.5/10

So... That's it. 
What's been awesome about your week?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things Week ... 3-7-11

Top 5:

For the week of 3-7-11

5. In-n-Out burgers- I hadnt had the always tasty burgers of in-n-out in some time and it was great. Fries animal style.

4. finding diet big red @ walmart- my love of the soda big red goes back years. Whenever someone would visit Texas they would bring some for us. In the past few years I've seen it more in the bay area. It's harder to find the diet version but I wad lucky enough to get some.

3. borders going out of business sale- went to a random borders and got done cool stuff at a decent discount. The 75% off all holiday items was ESP cool as I got several Christmas CDs that I'm looking forward to hearing.

2. "Nowhere Boy"- this movie, about the life of young John Lennon ( played by kick ass' Aaron Johnson) was really good. An interesting film that held my attention from start to finish.

1. The 7 seas soup I had on Sunday whir visiting my uncle Bobby - shrimp ! Catfish! Scallops ! Crab ! Mussels ! Other sea food I'm forgetting !! All in one friggin delicious soup !! I love soup and I love seafood . And the combo was fastastic !!!!!!

So..that's it.
What's been awesome about your week?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week 2-28-11

Top 5:

For the week of 2-28-11:

5. Smokin oakies on friday night- we went to dinner at smokin oakies on Friday and, in addition to some tasty food, there was live music that was pretty good.

4. "Flipped"- this was a Mel pick brought to you by netflix. She had read the book and thought the movie would be fun. I didn't expect much and I ended up thinking it wad great !! A simple story of boy-meets-girl with no stars in it. And I thought it was great. 7.5/10.

3. Boozing at spoontonic on  sat night with Melly , kc, Emilio ( a cameo by Liz leal ) and Zac !! - awesome people, great music and late night drunken video games with the boys !!! Fun fun night !

2. The food at Melanie's aunt Cheryl's house on Monday - fantastic food from some of my favorite chefs. I always leave a family party stuffed and dreaming of leftovers. For days.

1.  hamburger steak from the chick-n-coop - a taste of the neighborhood ( the excelsior district, in case you were wondering. And if you live there you know what I'm talking about !!), a taste of nostalga. I remember being in the 6th grade and my uncle picking me up from school and we would walk to get dinner for my mom and us at the chick-n-coop. And while the sandwiches and rice pudding is great it's the hamburger steak ( with mashers and gravy ) that was always my favorite. And it's still great as ever. 

So, that's it...
What's been awesome about your week?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week... 2-21-11

Top 5: 
For the week of 2-21-11

5. Finishing, for the second tine, Harry potter & the goblet of fire.

4. the chicken teriyaki & rice Melly made on Tuesday night for dinner - my baby can cook her some teriyaki chicken and rice... Tasty as hell. 

3. spending sat with the gandas to celebrate Mels Papas 75th birthday 

2.  having a few drinks and lots of laughs with some awesome people at spoontonic

1. The  Tri tip BBQ served at mel's papas bd- just awesome !! I think I could've eaten the whole thing by myself. I think ( perhaps sadly) I might be talking about this Tri tip for awhile.

So... That's it.
What's been awesome about your week?