Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...5-24-10

For The Week Of 5-24-10

5. The Lumpia Mel, Ashley and I had from the bbq place by my work- You normally wouldnt think that a bbq place would have great tasting lumpia...or lumpia at all for that matter. But this place, Team Rib house, I think its called has it. Tasty as hell.

4. Getting my Mario Kart Mojo back - after a long time of not playing cause of a hurt thumb, then just simply getting my ass kicked, it seemed my best Mario Kart days were behind me. I was stuck in second place. And this week I started to win again. And while, I can admit, Mel has become the better kart driver than me, I managed to win some here and there this week.

3. The season finale of "Community" - my favorite new show of the season ended this week. And while not my favorite show on tv this year(that would be Lost) this was one of the funniest. My favorite character, Senior Chang, had a big part and, as always, did not let me down in the funny department.

2. Home made meatball sub+ Breeze coming in the windows+ dvd of old Twilight Zone episodes checked out from the library+Being home with The Melanie = great night.

1. Marvel's "Secret Invasion" - this week, while browsing around Barnes & Noble, I sat down and read the entire Secret Invasion. And man, was it good. Full of action, great scenes and a HUGE battle to end the whole thing...if this were a movie, it would have been a summer blockbuster of epic proportions. I enjoyed it from cover to cover. Great read.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?

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