Friday, June 25, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...6-14-10

Hella late writing keeps me busy.

Better late than never, eh ?

For The Week of 6-14-10

5. THE chicken in Hayward - for months I've been telling Mel about this awesome friend chicken place in Hayward. And on Thursday, after visiting my Uncle Bobby, my Mom, the Melanie and I picked some up for dinner. I hadn't had it for some time and it was just as great as I remember...Mel really like it too.

4. re watching "Remember The Titans" - I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie. And this week, we watched it on tv. It's on of Mel's fav's (she knew most,if not all, the words) and I really like it too.

3. "Party Down" - this series, on Starz, I've been hearing about some time but never watched....until this week. In large part because there was nothing else on, I gave an episode a chance. And found it funny. Real funny. The main cast is made up of people you've seen in other movies, but are never the star. Yet they are always funny. There are cameo's aplenty. If you are a fan of The Office, you will like this movie.

2. Getting to eat some leftovers from Mel's family party - despite my best efforts, and though I really wanted to be there, work didn't let me make it to the Ganda family Fathers day get together. But, thankfully, The Melanie brought home some leftovers from some of my favorite cooks.

1. Talking music with My Uncle Bobby - My Uncle Bobby taught me almost everything about music. When I was a kid and only listened to Rap, he was the one who told me to keep my ear open to everything. He played the old Motown sound and the blues ( I wouldn't have learned/respected John Lee Hooker and Stevie Ray Vaughn had he not played them for me). I, in turn, played him The Black Keys and other new bands he hadn't heard of.

Had it not been for my Uncle Bobby, I would not have had the love for music that I do.

Every Sunday, when I still lived at home, I would wake up to find my Mom cooking breakfast and him playing some music on the stereo. That, and simply sitting in the living room listening to music with him, are some of my fondest teenage memories.

With him being sick, we haven't talked about music like we used to . But this week, when I went to see him, he talked to me about hearing some Stevie Ray on someones radio. He talked about not hearing that song and how good it sounded and how, from the first few notes, he knew it was SRV. "He has that signature sound, ya know ? " It was great to talk tunes with him, if only for a second. For those five minutes, it was like old times. I miss those times so much.

So...that's it.
what's been cool about your week ?

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