Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...5-3-10

For The Week Of 5-3-10

5. The delicious fried rice that Melly has been making recently

4. Having a great mother's day with My Mom.

3. "Inkspell" - The sequel to "Inkheart". A good story that took awhile to get really good. Although it took me a long time to finish it, I really enjoyed the last half of this book. Currently, I'm reading the last part of the Inkworld trilogy. And I'm enjoying it...

2. The last 20 minutes of Lost - in which 4 major characters met a watery end. Although I've heard some complain it was a bit to Titanic of an ending I found myself glued to the tv watching. I don't know how this season is going to end but the end of this weeks episode was, arguably, the best of the season.

1. Thursday night- In which Mel and I made a great dinner ( Fried Chicken, broccoli and rice) and watched some funny shows ( Community, 30 Rock and The Marriage Ref ). It was, after a long day at work, a great night of relaxing at home with my favorite person.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

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