Monday, September 8, 2014


Saw a video ( and when I say video, I mean it. An old VHS tape recently converted to DVD) of my cousins 3rd birthday.
She had a clown for the party and at one point the clown asked the kids at the party what, if anything, they collected.
My answer was comic books.
The year was 1991, I was 11 years old...
More than 20 years later I still love reading comics ...
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think, in my old(er) age I'd be working on one of my own.
That the first chapter would win an award. 
And people that I'd never met previous would want to read more. 
And despite the artwork not being great, and a over a year gap since the award... People are STILL asking and encouraging me to finish this story.
I'm getting close... It takes time... 

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