Saturday, August 30, 2014

#CHUBcon : Blue Moon Horchata Ale

If you've been following me on Instagram or twitter or elsewhere you've probably seen this at some point: 


And maybe you've wondered, " what is that?" 

I once joked with friends that I was going to start a convention for plus sized people (others were welcome too) and call it CHUBcon. A convention for people who are tired of hearing, "You do you know those mcNuggets are bad for you" or "You like Pringles potato chips? I only buy organic farmers market oranges", etc... I said my convention would be for fans who, like myself, enjoyed getting their snack on!! 

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I have to try that bacon flavored..." Or, "they have HOW MANY flavors of kit-kats?!? I wanna try ..." Then CHUBcon is for you. 

I talked about how I'd get all the snack companies to sponsor it and there would be panels revealing all the new stuff coming out... It would blow up and eventually be a comic con for the snack crowd. I also hoped John Goodman would show up that first year as an honored guest.

 In the end, or I should say SO FAR, CHUBcon is just the hashtag I use for food pictures I post.

However, not long ago, my buddy Joe ( SHOUTOUT ) suggested I take CHUBcon to the next level and actually start writing about the stuff I'm trying. 

So, periodically, that's what I'm going to do..,

And it all starts with the item that sparked this idea:

Blue Moon Horchata Ale.

I'd heard they were making an horchata flavored beer several months back and, not seeing it on the shelves soon after , I assumed like the unicorn it was a mythical creature that would only be the stuff of legend.
That was, dear readers, until this week...
Found in a sampler pack, Blue Moon Horchata Ale was billed as "ale with a subtly sweet yet spiced taste ".
My Mexican taste buds were looking to put this to the test.
The first sip didn't taste like much... The second sip was where the cinnamon taste was hiding. And that's where it ended. I did not get any of the "spice" or anything else the beer promised me.
If you took a regular blue moon and put a dash of cinnamon in it, you could make your own.
That said, did not hate this. 
In fact, I would have it again. Though I don't see this as a regular go to drink I will say that it was fun and did taste interesting enough that I wouldn't mind having another.

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