Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...9-6-10

For The Week Of 9-6-10

5. The Endless pasta/soup/salad and bread sticks combo at the olive garden - a tasty lunch with Melanie and my Mom.

4. Dinner at Mel's Mom's House - Carne Asada !! I had a fun time hanging out at Mel's mom's place. The dinner and the company was, as always, great.

3. "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid " - Mel and I didnt expect much from this movie, we thought it would be a fun kids movie. Twenty minutes into the movie, we were cracking up laughing . A really funny, though predictable, movie that we enjoyed the hell out of ! 7.5/10.

2. Hanging out all weekend with Ashley and Melanie.

1. Having a day off with Mel - with our work schedules it seems that Melanie and I hardly ever have the same day off. But, thanks to Memorial Day, this week, we did !! We went to a cool comic book shop where Melly got me some cool stuff. We later went to lunch with my Mom and had a nice dinner at home, just she and I...then we watched Diary Of A Wimpy was a great day with my most favorite person in the world !

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

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