Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Uncle Day

Father's Day isn't just about fathers. For those of us, like myself , who for one reason or another didn't grow up with a dad it's more a day to say thank you for all the dudes who made a difference in your life. 
And for me, no man has made a bigger impact on my life than my uncle Bobby.

My dad passed away in March of 1990, when I was 9. A few months later, in June, would be my first Fathers Day without a Dad. But my Uncle Bobby made sure I didn't spend it alone. 
I wish I could recall what we did, or if he and my mom and I even did anything. All I do remember is that they were both there. And looking back on it now, though I didn't realize it as a kid, that was enough. 

My Uncle Bobby taught me a great many things. He taught me almost everything I know about the music that came before me. He  (and my Papo and my cousin Michael .. Who took me to my first game...) taught me about the great game of baseball.  But most of all Uncle Bobby taught me, just by being himself, what a great man should be like. He's the best uncle in the world and my role model. Everyday I strive to be more like him. 

For some reason there aren't a great many cards for uncles on Father's Day.... And this year, like so many since I was 9, I made him a card of my own... 

Love you, Uncle Bobby, more than these words can express ...


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