Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback thursday ... From oct 24, 2012

How I get dressed when nobody is around: I DO NOT put one pant leg at a time... Thats for common folk... Rather, I hook one belt loop to the dresser, one to the doorknob (using bungie chords.. As I'm a plus sized man and don't wanna break the loops),  stand on the edge of the bed and JUMP into those MF's like Michael (Jackson, Jordan, take your pick... Game 6). Also: after every item of clothing put on I look in the mirror for 30-45 seconds and say,"SWAG" to myself ( making a mental note to high five myself at the end of the proccess) THEN: I spend 15 min giving my SnapBack the proper "gangsta lean"... If I'm not wearing a hat, I comb out my beard to give it a Rick Ross like body. If uninterrupted , I've got my total prep time down to 2 hrs, 15 min.... THIS is why I  say my look was premeditated, I'm not playing. Preferred music while doing all this: John Mayer's Your Body Is A Wonderland on repeat... Though Maroon 5 ""Moves like Jagger" sometimes works too... But only if it's Thursday .

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