Tuesday, June 25, 2013

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009 I was at my moms house when I heard Michael Jackson died.

 I remember Mel calling me from her work when she heard the news. we were shocked. It's still kinda weird ... We had never met michael jackson... And yet, there was a sense of loss that we felt, as if someone we had known our whole lives had just passed. And I guess, in a sense, personally speaking, that's kind of  true. 

I ( and prob you reading this) have listened to his music our entire lives. It had always been around. 

For a child of the 80s like myself, one of my earliest musical memories was dancing to "Thriller". My parents had the video for "the making of Thriller"  on VHS... and beta max ( whats beta max? look it up kids) 

The drive home on that day in 2009 was bittersweet. We had all lost a legend. Yet, the radio (KMEL) made a fantastic MJ mega mix that I couldn't help but enjoy the hell out of as I listened to hit after hit (and a few Jackson 5 covers I never knew existed till then).

I have no reservations saying that I miss Michael Jackson. I could care less about what happened in his personal life ... I choose to remember the genius who helped provide so many musical memories that define the soundtrack of my life. 

It's been years since the sun set on his life and yet his music is still on the radio. And still played regularly at our house.... I suspect it always will. 

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