Monday, May 27, 2013

Trading Cards... Tommy was all about that life !!

Trading cards were big when I was a kid, much bigger than they are today. I remember buying packs of Garbage Pale Kids , DC, basketball ( Shaq rookie cards) & baseball cards, cards about TV shows.  GI Joe cards were big for me
and , my favorite, Marvel Cards ( I had the holograms for the first 2 series... BE JEALOUS !!)
 Back then they were only, at most, $1 
( I think KB toys had marvel cards for .75 cents)
... The other day I saw Pokemon cards at target for $6 ... For ONE PACK ?!?

Anywho, my point was I liked trading cards. 

Today I came across an ad for a comic mini series based on an 80s trading card series called DINOSAURS Attack !!
i don't remember this series at all but.. A  quick search on google images and SHIT !! I'd have been all over this a a little Tommy and am kinda looking forward to reading at least issue # 1 in July. 

I wonder where all my trading cards went too . One day I might go searching for them... 
Wonder how much they are worth.

Also, can't understate this enough, the razor blade sharp gum they packaged with each of these was ALWAYS gross. If they still have them I assume the recipe hasn't changed...

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