Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lord Voldemort... Defense against the dark arts teacher ?

Was watching "Harry Potter and the sorcerers Stone" recently and... it occurs to, Voldemort possessed Prof. quarrel sometime in the summer, right? So knowing the professor had to return to Hogwarts in the fall , does that mean that, he spent at least PART of the summer, after taking over Quarrell, making lesson plans for the year ... than later, grading papers at Hogwarts ? I mean, in between drinking unicorn blood or whatever they at least HAD TO TRY to keep up appearances that he (Quarrell) was a real teacher ( so nobody got suspicious). Now I know you might say they shared the same body and he didnt take over total possession but you think the prof could've said , at one point, "Hey, My Lord, do ya think this paper deserves a B and A- ? " in a way was He Who Must Not Be Named living out some weird dream of his to teach at his beloved school? Did he ever think to himself, "Voldie, you taught a great lesson today, you deserve this huge cup of unicorns blood."
And I wonder if the dark Lord graded fairly ?

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