Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's better than comics ? HOW'S ABOUT FREE COMICS !!

What's better than comics? HOW'S ABOUT FREE COMICS !!

While getting my award they had stacks of free comics and I was told I could take whatever I wanted. I picked up a few things I'd never heard of/never read. I was happy with my picks.

- Stumptown: I had no idea what it was about . This was the fourth issue of what looked to be a good detective story, I'd be interested in checking out the other issues. Artwork was fantastic .This story is set in Portland and features characters from the writers other works.

The Sixth Gun: like Stumptown, I went into reading The Sixth Gun not knowing anything and read a good issue # 1 . A supernatural western that was real interesting. I, no doubt, want to read more.

Two great reads Oni Press !!

Got one other thing ...

I remember the show Tales From The Crypt from when it was on HBO way back in the day , I think in the 1980s. I never read the comic before and I was looking forward to checking out the old stories.

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