Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tommy Valdespino... Award winning Writer !!!

Been waiting for a LONG time to write this : TOMMY VALDESPINO , award winning writer!!

The James O'Keefe Prize for Graphic Literature was a contest open to any student at DVC. The objective was to create a comic ( could be one page, could be several - up to you) about anything . ANYTHING. I found out about this in my English class ( The graphic novel as literature. Awesome class) and wrote & drew a personal comic about my Uncle Bobby.
There were over 100 entries . Ya boy was one of 12 winners.
I won " The Newcomer" award and went to an award ceremony ( Mel went too ). They called my name and people clapped.
There was no cash prize but I did get some art supplies. And my comic was published online.
You can read it ... Here :

( This is just a bit of what i now have... a #TOMexclusive if you will...)

More than anything else when my comic was mentioned they talked about how well it was written. The fact that they enjoyed something I wrote.. And that it was even CONSIDERED to win anything, let alone that IT ACTUALLY DID win something... . THAT, more than anything else, was the best part of what I took from this months long experience.

When, not if, I get this published & into stores... I'll let you know...

Thank you for reading and your support.

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