Friday, March 29, 2013

Bacon Scope and how Tommy easily falls for nerdy April Fools pranks...

Saw a video and thought THIS:

Holy. Shit.

Is this for real for reals ??


Set to debut April 1st. Well played Scope. Nice April fools joke.

Other April fools jokes I've been excited for:

- In 1992, EGM ( that's electronic gaming monthly ya'all ) posted a story about a hidden character you could fight after M. Bison, an old guy who taught Ryu & Ken, though it was nigh impossible to unlock him...

- In Wizard magazine they mentioned a comic book sequel to The Goonies featuring them in high school called "The Goonies : The Search For Sloth" ... totally fell for that and even asked comic stores when it was coming out... Should've just bought the next issue where they said APRIL FOOLS... Though I still think they should make a comic book continuation of the movie. The kids will NEVER get old and, shit, if they can make "Buffy" and " Smallville" why NOT continue the adventures of Mikey, Mouth, Data & Chunk.

Some April fools jokes I thought was real, later on REALLY HAPPEND... Kids, Wikipedia the game "Battletoads/Double Dragon"

Course, now that I've blogged about it, if you read about an actual Goonie comic happening... You can expect a huge YOUR WELCOME from ya boy.

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