Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tom's Top 6 Awesome Things This Wek...9-12-11

Hella behind, but here it is:

For the week of 9-12-11:

-5. seafood city ( making fried lumpia)- went to an Asian supermarket called seafood city with Mel this week. It had a ton of cool stuff, great candy and had lumpia you could fry up at home. We hot done chicken & shrimp lumpia that I made and it was delicious.

4. watching the end of the giants game with Mel's mom- while waiting for Melanie & Ashley I was watching the giants game, a game they needed to win to stay in the playoff hunt, and when Melanies mom showed up we watched the 8th & 9th inning together . It was fun listening to her say " they are gonna lose !!" everytime a strike was thrown. And, in the end, the giants beat the Rockies.

3. seeing The Lion King in the theatre- the first time I watched the Lion King it was on VHS with my mom . So this week was my first time seeing the movie on the big screen. And it was still a fantastic movie.

2.  meatloaf & mashers made by mom on Thursday- I hadn't eaten all day ( damn you 4 hr shifts !!) and the meatloaf & mashers my mom made for her, my uncle Bobby, Mel & myself was fantastic !!

 1.  Giants win 3-1 vs SD in the last game melly & I had tickets to this season - we got to go to more than a few games this year and being at the the ballpark with my love was always a great time. Its going to be rough not getting to go to games till next year but we had some great times at the ball park this year !! 

So... That's it.
What's been awesome about your week?

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