Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...9-5-11

For the week of 9-5-11:

Hm: the zig zag nacho thing at the sushi place- went to one of our fav sushi places where this was the special of the day. A mix of crab meat, shrimp and other seafood on fried light tasting chips.., I took a chance on this and wasn't let down. It was fantastic !!

5.  Saturday- had a good Saturday. We went to a going away dinner for Melly's cousin Michaela. The food was fantastic and the company was equal to the food. Later that night I walked down the block and had a few drinks at  spoontonic with kc & Emilio. It was fun and Melly was nice enough to pick us up... Shes so sweet.

4." our idiot brother" & " cars 2"- on my day off we decided to check out a movie. And since we were wicked early we walked into Cars 2 about 20 min. into it. And while I didn't really like the first Cars, I ended up really liking this one. 7.5/10. "Our Idiot Brother" was a fun film that I found funny. 7.5/10. It was a fun time at the movies with my baby.

3. chicken & waffles with melly- I'd tried this chicken & waffles place before and it was good. This week Mel & I went to eat brunch there. And it was great. The dish I had ( actual chicken & waffles) was great. The lady who served our food sang happy birthday to the people a few tables away and she sang very well. I feel confident to say that We shall be back.

2.  doing nothing on Sunday but laying around & reading- had a plan to surround myself with snacks, things to read & the always awesome Mel to hang out with me and it was a great day.

1. free giants/ dodgers game- on Friday I got a text from kierstin asking if Mel & I would like some giants tickets to tonight's game. I said Hells Yes !! And a few hrs later ( thank you nika for letting me get off work early !!) we were sitting 18 rows from 1st base to see the giants vs dodgers... Clayton Kershaw vs timmy lincecum !! Sadly, the giants lost 2-1 but it was a fun time and a great night at the ballpark . Going to a baseball game with Mel, for free, with great seats , what could be better. Answer: nothing.

So... That's it.
What's been awesome about your week?

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