Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week... 6-27-11

For the week of 6-27-11:

5.  wolverine # 11- quickly becoming one of my favorite series to read. This story, a part in the "wolverines revenge" story arc, was great. The story is about perspective...while Logan is a superhero, for the families of the thousands of people he's killed, he is a monster who ruins lives. And what would happen if a group of these people spent there lives plotting revenge. A great read.

4.  - Thursday - the food at resturante el Salvador/ the Popsicles at the farmers market across the street- great dinner of papusas and, while walking around the farmers market with Melanie, had a blueberry ice Popsicle ( though, honestly, the cucumber lime pop Mel had was better)

3. The Pleasanton county fair with mom, Ashley & Melly - ate a ton of food ( BBQ, oysters, all manner of unhealthy fried treats) and had a great time with my family.

2.  A's game on Friday with Melly- the weather was hot, perfect for a ballgame . And since the giants were out of town we decided to check out an A's game. I like the A's ( I love the giants !!) . And the tickets were cheap ( $12 ticket got us a $6 food voucher, free tshirt for Mel/ free foam finger for me. ) later we snuck down to the expensive seats where we were attacked by nats. Hundreds of them. Despite this we had hella fun. Oh and the A's won.

1. My Saturday : on saturday i gotout of work early, it was a hot day so the store was slow. I went to picked up a Harry potter magazine for Melanie. I went home to Melanie and Ashley was over visiting. We went to flying colors comics and I picked up the new issue of Wolverine and some other stuff. We went home and Melanie cooked some awesome garlic chicken&rice. It was still super hot so we went to the San Francisco Creamery to have some floats ( I had a sherbert freeze) and, later,  i watched the giants score 15 runs ( even with a 2 1/2 hr rain delay) to stomp the tigers. What a fantastic day !!

So, that's it. 
What's been awesome about your week?

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