Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week... 6-20-11

For the week of 6-20-11:

On any given week any one of these could've been #1. Looking back on it, I had me a kick ass week !!

5. the torta cubano I had on Sunday- and while I've had this before, this combination of beef/ham/cheese/bacon (while not the healthiest thing in the world) was particularly tasty this week.

4. dinner on sat night @ mi pueblo supermarket/ taqueria with Mels mom, Ashley & Melanie - you wouldn't think a supermarket that has a restaurant in it would have kick ass tacos & seafood... But it friggin DID !! I can't wait to go back !!

3. "Regular Show" - this week Melly played a show for me from cartoon network called Regular Show ( no bullspit, that's the name) and it was hilarious !! Full of funny catch phrases ( and we all know I'm all about a good catch phrase), crazy senarios and off the wall characters ( a talking gumball
Machine named Benson... Why not !?!?). For the rest of the week Mel and I have been watching episodes on YouTube .

2. Going to the game on friday with melanie and watching the giants beat the Indians 4-3 - a great interleauge game with the giants coming from behind to win the game !!
1. My fantastic Monday - day off on monday. And because of this melanie, ashley & I went to the city and, thanks to a notice on the knbr facebook page, we ended up meeting giants CF andres Torres. Got to shake his hand and get an autographed baseball. Because we were by tge embarcadero we decided to pick up the always tasty burgers served at reds java house.  We ate our burgers at my moms house. It was great spending time with mom, Ashley & Melanie aka some of my most favorite people in the world !! We drove back to walnut creek and said goodbye to ashley who drove home. While looking around Ondemand for something to watch we saw a section called nickelodeon Rewind and, SCORE !!, we saw they had episodes of "Doug". This was awesome news as, growing up, I always really liked this show. Doug used to write in his journal (rare for a boy cartoon i would say) and, while I didn't have a journal, I liked to write down stuff too. It was so much fun rewatching Doug, the show still held up. My Monday was a fantastic one.

So... That's it.
What's been awesome about your week?

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