Saturday, May 21, 2011

Toms Top 5 Awesome Things This week 5/9/11

Top 5:

For the week of 5-9-11:

5. bootlegging, the return- fir the first time in a long time, I went to the swap meet and bought some bootleg DVD movies. The quality was good on some, DVD quality on others.

4. universal studios on Monday - with our last day in socal, we decided to head back to universal studios ( the tickets we got were get 2 days for tge price of one !!) and ride a few more rides ( simpsons ride !! Jurassic park !! King kong 3d !!). We went to the special effects show... And I was picked to be in the show !! I wore a safari hat and, infront of a green screen, ran from a friggin dinosaur. And now I can say I, Tom, have made a movie ( less than a min long but whatever) for universal.

3. " Fast Five" - I'm not going to dance around it, I like the fast & the furious movies ( part one & two are the best ) and this, honestly, was pretty decent. Though a lack of actual racing, and the dialogue was bad/funny, it still managed to entertain me as I munched popcorn. 7/10.

2. Eating at Pink's hot dogs/ Going to golden apple comics- while in LA we decided to check out a place we've seen on food network ( guy fietti went there, I think...?), the line was long but we eventually got our food . I kid you not, whomever is reading, it was the BEST F'N hot dog ( polish sausage if we are being specific) I've EVER had !! It was a polish with Swiss cheese and pastrami !! The next time I'm back down there I'm going back for another.

Itwas around the year 2000 I think that I read in a Wizard magazine that, when in hollywood,check out Golden Apple Comics...its where the celebs get there comics !!and, while on this trip, I decided to check it out. Bonus,it was down the street from Pinks hot dogs !! A cool place that, while not as bad ass as Flying Colors Comics,

So... That's it.
What's been awesome about your week?was still fun to visit. I got some cool stuff and we had fun checking it out. As I walked out, thanks to facebook and there "check in", I ran into someone I knew from high school ( What's up Evan !!). It was cool seeing someone I knew, so far from home.

1. Tommy & Melly's 3rd Anniversary -
On May 10th I celebrated 3 years with my Melanie . And for 3 years she has made me smile, the first person I see in the morning, the last one I see at night, because of her my apt became a home. She's my best friend and the best part of my day
Our anniversary vacation,from the giants game we went to kick off our trip (check out last weeks Top 5, Mel got my friggin name on the Giants jumbotron !!) to the entire trip to LA, it was fantastic and I look forward to many more anniversaries with the one and only love of my life .

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