Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week... 4-11-11

Top 5:
For the week of 4-11-11

5 getting to watch  giants games all week with Melly 

4. finishing, finally,Rereading Harry potter & the order of the phoenix - an awesome read that took me quite some time to get through. The next day, I started Rereading book 6.

3. Spoontonic on Saturday night with Melly, KC & Emilio - had some drinks and some laughs with some awesome people. The bar bill wasn't crazy and no hangover the next morning. All good things.

2. Pizza & potter- Friday, after work, I picked up the DVD for Harry Potter & the deathly hallows pt. 1 and Melly picked up a pizza. A tasty combo of pesto, sausage, Ham, pineapple and feta. It was a perfect night, watching and munching, after a long long day at work. 

1. six flags discovery kingdom with Melanie & Ashley- thanks to season passes as a gift from Melanie's mom, we made our first trip to six flags this year. This was my first trip since i was 7 yrs old, when it was simply known as marine world Africa USA . We rode a few rides, saw a few cool animals and walked all around. It was a fun and I'm looking forward to going again soon.

So... That's it.
Whats been awesome about your week?

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