Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week... 1-24-11

Top 5:

For the week of 1-24-11

5. Ramona & Beezus- a movie I Netflixed for Melly. And it was one I enjoyed WAAAY more than I expected I would. Funny and fun. 7/10.
4. Fantastic Four # 587- I will admit, aside from liking the character The Thing, to not being a big fan ( check it out every now and again)  of the F. F. 
 I bought this issue to read about which one of the team dies. In the end, the last few panels, showing the death of Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, were great. I might check out the next issue to see what happens
3. Watching a few episodes of the I love Lucy marathon Mel & Ashley were enjoying - I've always liked I Love Lucy and these episodes ( Lucy in Europe were real funny).
2. The dinner Melanie made on Saturday night- I've never had sausage casserole but it was real good, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes . And the carrott cake was one of the real most tasty things I've had in some time.
1. Making THE sandwich and the kick ass trio of movies we watched Friday night- the combination of The Incredibles+ Hook+ Kung Fu Panda and a great sandwich  was a great night !!

January sucked, February has to be better.

So... That's it.
Whats been awesome about your week?

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