Friday, December 17, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...12-6-10

For The Week Of 12-6-10

5. The History Of Coca Cola - I loves me some Diet Coke. It's tasty and, as I type this, I have one next to me. (I'm also a fan of diet root beer and diet orange soda...but we are talking about coke here) and on Tuesday, with not much on tv, Melanie and I watched an interesting special about the history of Coca Cola. It was a fun watch and cool to see all the memorabilia.

4. Reading the super paper in my reading nook.

3. The dinner I made on Friday night - After a long week, I felt like making a nice home cooked meal on friday night. A BIG nice home cooked meal. I made steak and potatoes and broccoli with cheddar ( though the last two, I admit, I just heated up). It was a tasty meal that Mel and I enjoyed.

2. Watching ( for Mel the first time seeing it) "A Christmas Story" and drinking some Blue Moons with my most favorite person on a Thursday night.

1. Driving around Walnut Creek with Melanie and checking out all the awesome christmas decorations people put on there lawns - Tons of lights, inflatable Santas, Santa on a motercycle... It was cool to see how some of the bigger (rich people) houses put on a display of lights. And it was fun driving around with my love and checking it out !

So...that's it.

What's been awesome about your week ?

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