Monday, November 15, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...11-8-10

For The Week Of 11-8-10

5. Briskit Nachos from Smokin' Oakies - A delicious treat that Melanie discovered. The combo of bbq and nachos is always a winner in my book.

4. "Clash Of The Titans" - I remember watching the orginial once, as a kid (but dont remember much about it)...and, this week, decided to check the new one. A decent action movie that had many similarities to Percy Jackson (which I liked a whole lot more ).

3.  After spending a few days in LA...enjoying the simple pleasure of sleeping in my own bed

2. Rocco's Pizza - The other day Mel and I set out to have dinner at Applebee's...and it was wicked crowded (damn you Vets day).  A so, instead, we ate at Rocco's pizza, a place we've never been to. And the pizza was awesome !! Though nothing as ever, or will ever, compare to Bravo's pizza. This was a good Walnut Creek Alternative.

1. After a fun, crazy time in LA the previous weekend in LA, spending a quiet weekend with My Melly at home.

So...that's it.

What's been awesome about your week ?

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