Monday, October 25, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...10-18-10

For The Week Of 10-18-10

5. Almost finishing my christmas shopping - I know, for most people, even thinking about christmas shopping is a few months away. But, being my Mothers son ( My mom Starts christmas shopping in Feb or so) I decided to start early. And, as of this writing, I only have a few more people to get...avoiding the crazy christmas time malls and shoppers will be great.

4. Having drinks with Michael, Meghan and Melanie on saturday night.

3.Trading in some cds that I didnt need and getting more money than I thought I would in the trade....then, finding a collection of Royal Rumble matches for hella cheap and using some of the store credit I'd just gotten.

2. Seeing the Giants win the National leauge and go to THE WORLD SERIES !!!

1. Having a perfect Sunday morning with The Melanie !!

So...that's it

What's been cool about your week? 

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