Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...8-23-10

For The Week Of 8-23-10

5. Punisher vs. Daken - Back when I was a kid, reading comics, I wasn't the biggest fan of The Punisher. Recently, I read a graphic novel that had Daken (Wolverine's son...same powers, no remorse for killing. Needless to say, though I feel I must, he's a cool character. ) cut the head of the Punisher off. And like most comic book characters, he didn't stay dead for long. This week I got read Punisher vs. Daken- round 2.
Full of blood, violence and two people looking to take each other out (later, in the story, someone else...guess who?...joins the fight, making it a three way dance). This was a fun read and I cant wait for the final part of the story to come out.

4. Having a great day off - In which I visited a comic book store in Castro Valley that I'd been to once before, years ago. It was awesome ($1 old school marvel comics and, picking up the issues I mentioned in this weeks number 5). Best of all, since I was so close, I was able to visit with my Uncle Bobby...whom I hadn't seen in a month.

3. The free book giveaway at the Library- about a month ago, while at the library, Mel and I saw a flyer for this event. And this week, I went to check it out. What I thought was a book sale was, in fact, a book lovers dream come true. Hundreds of boxes, thousands of books available FOR FREE !! I grabbed a few books, it was so hot that day (110 degrees !!) that I couldn't stay that long. I knew I'd be back...

2. Taking my Mom to the free book giveaway - While looking at all the books, I noticed tons of romance novel paperbacks...my Mom's favorite. I called and told her about this and the next day, after work, I picked her up from bart. I thought she would take a book or three...what ended up happening was I loaded boxes...BOXES ...of books in my car as she told me things like "I'll take all the books in that box...dump the books in the trunk but bring back the box, I'm going to fill it again....see those two boxes, I'll take those...leave the bag here so I can fill it up while you carry those boxes to your car..."
I dont know how many books we collected that day, the trunk was full...my best guess was over 200 books...best part, it was all FREE !!

1. Giants game with Lori, Ashley and Melanie - Got some Giants tickets from Mel's Dad and watched a great game in the BEST. SEATS. EVER !! Ten rows from 1st base...you could even order food and it would be delivered to your seat. Amazing. And and and...after back and forth action, the Giants won !!

So...thats it.
What's been cool about your week ?

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