Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...4-5-10

For The Week Of 4-5-10

Honorable Mention : World War Hulk - Picked up this graphic novel, which I've been wanting to read since I read the awesome "Planet Hulk" some time ago, at Wondercon. A fun read that was full of action. There is something very statisfying about seeing those D bags Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man get there ass handed to them by a pissed off Hulk.

5. What I did after getting out of work early on saturday - Picked up the Melanie and had some lunch. We then went to the library. Got a few cool books and cds to put into my itunes. Came home and had some tasty rice krispy treats that she had made earlier. It was a fun day.

4. G.I. Joe : Cobra - Another graphic novel I picked up at Wondercon last week. I'd heard this was good but didnt expect much. What I also didnt expect was how friggin awesome this thing was. This was something I never thought possible....a gritty, realistic GI Joe story. No shooting red and blue lazers here...people get killed. Taking an obscure Joe ( Chuckles, who had maybe 2 scenes in the old school cartoon movie) the story shows him, undercover, working his way into the ranks of Cobra. This was, to me, "The Departed" with GI Joe characters. I recommend this one.
3. The dinner my Mom made (Picadillo) for Melly and I on Friday night.

2. Spending the day in Santa Cruz with Mel and The Ashley - It was a perfect weather day. There was bumper cars and cheese fries (though not together) and smiles all around. A fun day with two of my favorite people !!

1. Spending an afternoon snacking,reading and listening to the rain outside our window with my Melly by my side - In a word or two...nothing could be better.

So...that's it.
What's been cool about your week?

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