Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...4-19-10

For The Week Of 4-19-10

5. The delicious Costco Bacon Mac'n'cheese we had for dinner on thursday night.

4. Microwave Churros !!- This week, while looking around the grocery store, I stumbled on this little treat...and, I knew I must try it. And it was awesome !! Usually when I'm at costco I get a churro...and either a hot dog or chicken bake depending on my mood. But to take it home and, in less than two minutes, enjoy this tasty ethnic was great times !!

3. Hanging out with Mel and Ashley on Saturday - We didnt do anything fancy, watched tv and movies, but its always great to hang with two of my favorite people.

2. "La Mission" - I wanted to see this movie since I saw the trailer for it a month or so ago. The story, of a father and son growing up in the Mission district, was a good one. The oldies soundtrack was fantastic but, most of all, it was great to see the Mission district. To see places I've been to or driven by my whole life (they even mention the Mcdonalds on 24th)...that was really cool.

1. Spending friday night with the most beautiful girl IN THE WORLD - After a long day (crazy busy and my didn't-know-how-badly-at-the-time-injured/infected hand was killing me, more on this next week !!) it was great going to a filling dinner(country bear) and spend a few hours reading at Barnes and Noble...reading and enjoying being with her....and we also had a peanut butter cookie from the cafe !!

So, that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

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