Monday, January 4, 2010

Tom's Top 5 Awesome Things This Week...12-28-09

From here on out...the Top 5 is exclusive to THIS long Myspace.....

( For The Week Of 12-28-09)

5. Knowing ahead of time/getting excited about the next few books I'm going to read - I read, a few weeks back, a fun book called "Inkheart". And thanks to the awesome combination of Christmas and The Ashley, I have the next two books (the whole trilogy) to look forward to reading.

4. Enjoying the hell out of the book I'm reading now.

3. New years eve - We decided to stay in this new years eve. And I enjoyed a night of comic book reading, movie watching and ringing in the new year with two of my favorite people. Also, BONUS, I avoided my new years eve "tradition" of being black out drunk on new years eve and, even better, NOT having a new years day hangover !!

2. Stuffing my face with shrimp.

1. Having a new years day Star Wars marathon (original trilogy only...but also watching Back To The Future and Carpool before diving into a galaxy far far away...) with The Melanie and The Ashley!

So, that's it.
What's been cool about your week ?

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